One sunny January day, I went to the bathroom at home after a hard day’s work, intending to get ready for bed. I was brushing my teeth when I though I heard a buzzing sound, I turned down the music from radio, but the sound seemed to have disappeared. I went to bed and slept like a baby. Getting ready in my bathroom the following day, three bright yellow wasps greeted me, resting in the sun next to my radio. Not wishing to wake them up, I quietly fetched my camera and took a picture. Before leaving for work, I left the bathroom window open in case the wasps wanted to leave. I had no idea how they had got in.

During the day, I couldn’t stop thinking about my unexpected visitors: would they still be there when I got back home? Unbelievably, I was greeted at home by more wasps which had elected my bathroom window as their new home, and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 wasps were flying around. I had to face the facts: wasps invaded my surrounding and they were trying to steal my bathroom. I didn’t have the heart to throw them out, it was cold outside and we all know that not only do wasps die in cold weather, but most selfishly, I was well aware that my little buzzy friends have a tendency to sting when they get upset. I wanted to avoid that at all cost! Fortunately, I was going on a holiday to France the next day, to see my grandparents, so my plan was to leave the little buzzing squatters on their own. My holidays in France would give me time to think of what to do with them. Before leaving, I made sure the bathroom door was closed so they wouldn’t take over the entire house.

 When my cat Pixie and I arrived in France, the usual ritual took place: I opened the door to my house, she ran as fast as she could to my bedroom in order to rest on my cosy bed. However, whilst I was opening all the windows to air the house I heard a frantic

  • Meow, Meow Meow!!

I quickly hurried to my bedroom to see what Pixie was meowing about. Believe it or not, but Pixie was on my window pane surrounded by ladybirds. Again, I rapidly took a picture, as I could not believe how peculiar insects were behaving. Were they infesting me?

 Fortunately the ladybirds realised they had taken over my bedroom and kindly gave it back to me. Back in London all the wasps had disappeared, the mystery remains however as to how they got in when the window was shut. The proof I had of those two infestations were the pictures I took. I wonder what I should do with those pictures…